16 May
Violin taking shape

new violinI’ve just received pictures of my busking violin from Brian Lisus, in Cape Town. It’s still in bits, but beautiful looking bits, nevertheless. After it’s been put together, it’ll be taken to the artist, Caryl Blomkamp, who will be adding our Round the World and Bach logo to the back.

Brian and I were at school together in Cape Town. He came over to the UK at the same time as me and was one of the first students at the Newark School of Violin Making. In 1978 a group of us took off in Brian’s Ford Commer van on a busking-financed trip, through France and Italy, which was, I suppose, the inspiration for my current adventure. The van broke down in Nice. Hope I do better this time!

I already have one of his fiddles, which I use as my second instrument. He’s a great maker and I thought this trip would be an excellent opportunity to commission another instrument from him. We’ll be selling the violin in October, with all the proceeds going to Musequality. If anyone’s looking for a good fiddle (just one careful owner), get in touch.

Brian has very generously offered to donate €1000 to Musequality for each instrument ordered quoting the charity name. www.violinafrica.co.za






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7 June
New violin arrives

Brian Lisus' specially commissioned violin arrives from Capetown to Heathrow.
I am delighted with it. The logo works very well. I have about 1hr to get used to it before playing live on Radio 3's In Tune. Stressful at the best of times but
we both survive!
violin in the sun
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